Timeless Fitness
For Your Body
And Your Brain

Done seated in your chair


About our Program

Looking for a fun, joyful exercise program?

Ageless Grace helps you look after your body and your brain.

Our program is a simple, playful exercise class  easy to follow.

delivering comfort and ease to the whole body.

Based on the science of neuroplasticity we use

 all five functions of the brain and

address all 21 ageing factors of the body.

Exercises are done seated to fun, uplifting music. 

Yoga at Home

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”


Movement is Medicine.

You can make a difference by adding fun, uplifting movement variation to your everyday lifestyle.

It is my vision to help as us feel better, learn how to bring comfort and ease back into our body and to make choices that keep our brain firing to be active, inquisitive , joyful and playful.


Life is full of the unexpected. It is for that reason movement practices have become so important to me and my family, A cronic health issue personally started my quest to make a difference. So began the journey. Continued exploration and development from studying many movement arts has brought such positive benefits for both my husband and myself. I must confess that it has become a passion to share all that I have learnt so others can discover this too.


Working with our wonderful community is both a joy and a pleasure. Just as important has our movement programs is the social connection, fun and laughter our community exudes. Everybody is welcome, our programs are suitable for most abilities, adaptable , simple and sustainable and most of all beneficial.