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Movement Programs

Looking for a fun, joyful exercise program?

Ageless Grace helps you look after

your body and your brain.

Our program is a simple, playful

exercise class  easy to follow.

AG delivers comfort and ease

to the whole body.

Based on the science of neuroplasticity we use

 all five functions of the brain and

address all 21 ageing factors of the body.

Exercises are done seated to

fun, uplifting music. 

Ageless Grace
Timeless Fitness
For Your Body
And Your Brain

Done seated in your chair

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Yoga at Home
“What would life be if we had no courage
to attempt anything?”
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Nia Technique

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all model for being healthy. That’s why I provide and regularly update a collection of tips and advice articles, programs and workshops using the science, art and craft from Nia

Nia is a sensory based dance and movement program offering a beautiful blend of East meets West arts. 

We step into the moment bare foot and follow a focus and intent for the class that helps you to explore how your body, mind and emotions can guide your movement.

You will find that moving in this connected way, following the design of the body will bring benefits that are more than physical.

Choose Joy to enhance your workout

Corporate, Meeting and Wellness Programs

Please contact us to discuss your needs. We love attending presentations, meetings and wellness programs which we can Taylor to your needs

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